• HFD Energy

    We work to ensure that HFD group and all of its subsidiaries are powered using efficient, renewable energy.

  • Environmentally Aware

    We are mindful of the Scottish Government’s target to be NET Zero by 2045, however we feel we are in a strong position to set our own targets of being NET Zero by 2030 by generating and self-delivering our own energy.

HFD Energy

We aim to provide our clients with innovative Renewable Energy, metering/billing and energy efficiency solutions, ensuring building optimisation at all times which in turn will drive down utility costs to the end user. HFD Energy will be the partner of choice for sustainable and renewable energy in the commercial sector, in turn positively impacting your green credentials and NET Zero targets, taking in to account our social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Solar Power

We will have 50MW worth of solar electricity by 2030, creating locally produced renewable energy, letting our clients benefit from reduced rates in electricity. These projects will also be blended with battery storage to support the grid in periods of peak demand.


Providing one of the cleanest forms of energy possible, we aim to make wind turbines the cornerstone of our energy business. Letting our clients reap the benefits of cheaper, cleaner electricity while the local and rural community benefit from the installations.

BMS/Smart Buildings

We will connect our buildings through our networks, improving information available to our clients at a granular level. We aim to deliver a state of the art, connected BEMS system throughout our portfolio, cutting costs while improving customer experience.

Biodiverse Woodland

We aim to help in the fight against climate change by planting trees. Improving air quality, supporting local wildlife and brining our communities together.

NET Zero

HFD Group has always been responsible and able to demonstrate leadership in the ability to take action to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Our installation of a windfarm at Blantyre Muir demonstrates our appetite for this.

177 Bothwell Street

HFD’s latest development is a 313,000 sqft Grade A office which has been designed with cutting edge technologies, with sustainability a key consideration in the development of the site.

Our goals for 2030


Self-Generated renewable power


Analyse & Drive energy savings

Smart Buildings


NET Zero

Carbon Emissions

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